What’s the Secret Sauce

secretsauceYesterday,  I was out on an appointment meeting with a potential client that recently started a new business, a spin off of what she has been doing for someone else for the last 16 years, with the owner making all the money off her hard work and effort,  sound familiar … well she decide like a lot of us its time to put up or shut up and go do it on her own.
I went in with the intention to be there for 30 minutes get an basic understanding of her needs and then solve the problems I could solve with what I do, But the longer I sat their the more problems I could see were visible,  while she had great concepts and Ideas, there was no specific date to achieve. No detailed specific timeline to follow,  And the killer No real urgency. No milestones to hit, that get her to her goal and target.
So I immediately pointed that out. I told her in order to stop spinning her wheels she had to get the timeline and calender laid out and scheduled.  Because, once it’s on the calendar, the time clock starts ticking and the urgency kicks in.
I challenge her – get it on the calendar NOW. Instantly. Right now. Don’t procrastinate and put it off…  When I’m riding high and my income is growing rapidly,  or whether I’m in a rut !  it’s usually because of a tremendous sense of or a a complete lack of URGENCY!
Most of us don’t live with much of a sense of urgency. And when it comes to business – a lack of urgency is deadly.
Does this sound familiar to you ? I’m willing to believe that it does:
How about these:
“I’ll finish my book… soon
“I’ll call that prospect… tomorrow”
“I’ll send that email.. next week”
“I’ll record my videos… in a few months
“I’ll go join the chamber of commerce and go to some meet ups … in a couple of weeks
Urgency is your gasoline.   It’s what keeps you Business engine moving forward towards your Goal.
Without urgency… we all just float along. With no energy. No passion. No results ! It’s just blah.
Maybe a new product gets finished. Maybe it doesn’t. Oh well.
Well I think that’s Bull Shit.
Don’t get yourself caught up in the salesperson shuffle and do the things that waste time and don’t get results
If you want something – you must, must, must create urgency to achieve it