Top Habits Of Highly Effective ON-line Marketers

successfailureIf you look at marketing messages all day long like I do, it’s becomes easy to see the difference between the people that make a lot of money and those people who don’t and struggle and remain broke.

By understanding what the differences, and the patterns are of the highly effective marketers out there you’ll find that that is the critical first step on the path of getting what you want.

Simple understanding is the prerequisite of taking action.

Action is the precursor of the results.

The correct understanding will create the right beliefs, which in turn will create the right actions that will lead you to positive outcomes.

This is why gaining the right understanding, is a lot more important than just reading about how to generate more traffic.

There’s a reason why people what to go right to learning about traffic and more direct actions, It’s because most people just want to skip the steps necessary and head right to the actions, or the the tactics that they believe will create the results they want. The problem with that is,  action without the proper understanding will rarely produces the positive outcomes you want for any long period of time.

The following are a few of  the most effective habits of highly effective online marketers.

Effective marketers use their failures as feedback.

Have you ever try something then get kinda angry when it didn’t work out exactly how you thought it would work?

We all get a little upset at times too., but what matters is how you deal with the challenges, and learn from it.

They say that Thomas Alva Edison failed to create the light bulb a 1,000 times, or was it that he successfully learned or discovered what didn’t work those 1,000 times so that on the 1001st time success !

Highly effective Online marketers will look at failure as feedback to what is going on, this is radically different from most people. The ‘failure’ implodes on itself.

Effective marketers will accept the responsibility.

One thing that is very easy to notice about cry babies is they make excuses about everything and then whine about it all day long.

Effective marketers simple accept the responsibility for the results they got.  They don’t waste time coming up with a million excuses when asked about their lack of results.

They don’t blame others, they take the blame, they seek to acquire the understanding that will help them create the results they want, and then they take new further action based on what they learned from failure.

Effective marketers know when to adjust their strategy.

One of the hardest this is knowing when to adjust and change what you’re doing, but is one of the only ways to shortcut your success. Failing twice as much.

People at times do the wrong things for way too long, don’t fall in love with the Idea, fall in love with the results. Look, if you’ve been trying to make money online for a while, it’s probably not the business that’s wrong, it;s your mindset.

With the right mindset, it’s virtually impossible for a person not to succeed eventually at what they are doing. How accurately you adjust what you’re doing and refocusing your energy and input is what controls the outcome and how quickly it will happen.

It’s like trying to break the code, if you know the steps and what you’re doing you will eventually unlike the code.  But by precisely following the blueprint is what gets you in faster.

Effective marketers just know when to adjust their strategy. They set the goal, and they make a plan which they commit to for a period of time, and at set intervals levels they will look at their progress and results then decide if they need to tweak the blueprint and actions of what they’re doing a little bit.

This process in one of the hardest things for anyone to master, but is what makes you succeed – knowing when to change up what you’re doing. The only way you get better is through experience and regular reviews of your progress of failures and successes.

The best effective marketers get leverage.

Something I’ve noticed about the people who get fast results is they use leverage to make themselves take massive action, while others sit their butts.

Change is a complex subject and everybody wants to change on the surface level.

Most of the time, people do want bigger, and better things for themselves and their families, and Sometimes people want to quit destructive habits like smoking.

But for some reason, they just struggle with great effort. One of the best ways to make yourself change is to get leverage.

Here’s an exercise on gaining leverage in learned from Tony Robbins create lasting change:

  • Imagine, what will your life look like in 5 years if you don’t change now?
  • What will your life look like in 10 years if you don’t change now?
  • What will your life look like in 20 years if you don’t change now?

Imagine the outcomes, and feel the feelings.

Now do the opposite.

Imagine what your life will look like in 5 years if you do change right now.

Kind of compelling, isn’t it?

To create lasting change, the change has to become a MUST.

Everyone develops their own unconscious patterns for moving towards pleasure and avoiding pain. But the formula is relatively simple:

Link massive pain to current destructive behavior or situation.

Link massive pleasure to desired behavior or situation.

Link pleasure to change now.

Highly effective marketers are obsessed with their business.

I’m convinced, but I’m just not sure which.

Obsession creates genius, or genius creates obsession.

Highly talented people are rarely born that way. The talent is usually cultivated, or perhaps it is ‘God given’ at times.

But throughout history, it’s clear that many alleged ‘geniuses’ were just obsessed with their work, and learned from their mistakes.

Inventors are obsessed with their ideas all the time. It’s that obsession that eventually leads them to accomplishing the impossible.

Highly effective online marketers are often obsessed with their businesses, just as with all entrepreneurs. An entrepreneurs who does great things doesn’t think about work for a few hours a day like their 9-5 counterparts.

They don’t leave work at the office. They think about work all day, and all night. It’s the obsession that leads to break-through ideas.

Highly effective marketers hold positive beliefs about people.

Our Beliefs control how we perceive people and the world around us.

A common problem people have is negative beliefs about people, not matter where it comes from, It’s what stops a lot of really smart people from making a lot of money in Online Marketing.

It is because we run into problem areas when we have internal conflicts or when there’s a clash between our beliefs and our values.

Here’s an example, your personally values might be that you must help people. However, simultaneously you also hold the belief that it’s too difficult for people to make money in the business; then you’re not going to recruit anyone to join.

That’s a conflict. You want to help people, but you hold a belief that selling them into your business isn’t going to help them.

Here are a couple of beliefs about people most effective marketers share:

  • People do the best they can, with the resources they have available.
  • All people have the same ability to create what they want.
  • There’s no such thing as failure, only feedback.

With all of this understood, it’s easy to see why the beliefs you have about your business and the people inside it are so important.

What’s funny, is most of the time your beliefs aren’t even true, and the way to change them is to re-frame them.

You could look at a group of 100 people and call something a scam if only a few of them made any money.

That would be very easy to do, and also destructive to your chances of making it work.

But really, it’s complete bullshit.