#SproutChat Recap: Self-Care in the New Year

It’s common for social media managers to feel as though they can never fully switch “off” during non-working hours. But it’s important to know when to step back. Taking time for yourself, recharging, creating necessary boundaries at work—it all helps you avoid burnout in the short term.

In this week’s #SproutChat, participants talked about what self-care means to them, shared tips for unplugging and explain how they find inspiration for their work.

Self-Care Goes Beyond Physical Care

Oftentimes when talking about self-care we think primarily about physical care. Mental and physical wellness are related, so make sure you’re prioritizing both. It helps to take standing breaks and laps around your office to get your brain going while not being stagnant.

A1: Knowing when it’s time to take a moment for yourself. There’s never any shame in taking a break, taking a nap, or taking a day off. #SproutChat

— Taryn Grisham (@taryn_grisham) January 3, 2018

A1 Self-care is being mindful of your well-being, and taking steps to ensure a positive mindset and good health. #sproutchat

— Martin Lieberman (@martinlieberman) January 3, 2018

Hi from Connecticut.

A1) Self-care is tracking and committing to your own needs that are related to achieving your goals, building relationships, and contentment. #SproutChat

— Jeremy Bond (@JeremyDBond) January 3, 2018

A1: It’s about listening to your mind and your body, taking time to recharge when you need it, and – this is important – not feeling guilty when you do! #SproutChat

— Rebel.com (@rebeldotcom) January 3, 2018

A1 #SproutChat self-care means finding a good work/life balance and taking the time to #treatyoself pic.twitter.com/vrnhhK74Zo

— Natasha Kristina (@hitheresunshine) January 3, 2018

Be Strategic About Unplugging

It’s easy to talk about “unplugging” and the importance of tearing yourself away from a screen. However, for many social media managers it can feel like an impossible task. Start small and allow unplugging to be a gradual process. You don’t have to cut your relationship with your phone cold turkey at 5. Instead, start with some tips from our participants.

A2: I never bring my computer with me when I go on vacation and it is honestly the best feeling. I still check emails and social media on my phone intermittently, but I make a promise to myself (and my loved ones) to be present. #SproutChat

— Taryn Grisham (@taryn_grisham) January 3, 2018

A2: most of my clients are small businesses. Most responses are better when they’re well thought out in the morning with a nice cup of coffee, anything after 7 can wait until morning. #SproutChat pic.twitter.com/aKnn8704sX

— Daniel Hachey (@daniel_hachey) January 3, 2018

A2: We try to go DND for at least 6 hours per night. -MM #sproutchat

— SocialXpresso (@socialxpresso) January 3, 2018

A2: It’s tough but I fight the urge to check my email. Sometimes it’s like a black hole that you do not want to fall into if you’re on vacation. #SproutChat

— Maria Marchewka (@_MariaMarchewka) January 3, 2018

A2: When I know I am done for the night/day I put my phone out of sight completely. On vacation, I depend heavily on a colleague in my department to monitor so I can be fully present wherever I am. #SproutChat

— Elise Miklich (@EliseMiklich) January 3, 2018

A2. Not getting new email alerts on my phone is a big big help. Means I can unplug if I choose. #SproutChat

— Reva Minkoff (@revaminkoff) January 3, 2018

Create Boundaries

We know that having conversations about work/life balance with your peers and managers can be uncomfortable, but boundaries can help happiness and productivity in the long run. Weigh each after-work request strategically and really consider whether or not they’re a priority.

A3) Use separate email addresses (guilty). Keep work hours to work hours, adjusting productivity and work habits as necessary. #SproutChat

— Jeremy Bond (@JeremyDBond) January 3, 2018

A3: Balance is easier said than done. Try your best to have set working hours vs. personal. Don’t respond to emails unless necessary after hours. Use “out of office” replies while on vacation. #SproutChat

— Netvantage Marketing (@netvantage) January 3, 2018

A3: Two Phones. A lot of people knock it but I love it. It helps keep everything separate while still being able to handle things that come up. #SproutChat

— Karole J. (@KaroleJay) January 3, 2018

A3: For me, it’s all about scheduling it in. I have plugged in an hour-long “Work Shut Down” ritual into my Google Calendar. It helps mentally demarcate work and home life.#SproutChat

— Sarah Romero (@iHeartDates) January 3, 2018

Find Inspiration in the Everyday

At some point you might feel like your creative juice has been zapped. Find a routine that helps you step away from your everyday tasks and fits in time for creative inspiration, like checking out thought leadership content or clearing your mind and taking a walk.

A4: I love listening to podcasts and staying updated with my favorite websites.

However, sometimes you just need to step away from work and go for a walk outside. #SproutChat

— Express Writers (@ExpWriters) January 3, 2018

A4) Plenty of (non-professional) reading. Giving myself downtime to recharge my creative batteries. #Sproutchat

— AKA “The G-Man Who Hates Nazis” (@gordondym) January 3, 2018

A4: I follow other marketers and draw inspiration from them, read articles on @hubspot blog, take notice of what companies I like are doing to keep me engaged as a consumer and try to follow their example #SproutChat

— Rachel Voorhees (@rachvoo) January 3, 2018

A4: I, also, participate in some great twitter chats. There’s ALWAYS something to learn from them #SproutChat – Chanel

— Tenika (@TenikaSA) January 3, 2018

A4: A lot of creativity comes from the community. We spend lots of hours looking and pulling bits and pieces we love to create our own content. The marketing community is always an incredible place to find amazing things. #sproutchat

— IDG Advertising (@idgadvertising) January 3, 2018

A4. EVERYWHERE! From conversations to research across industries. It isn’t a matter of “if” I am able to do something, it is a matter of “how” and “when”.

May be a little biased, but #SproutChat is pretty high on my places to go. The other is @feedly. https://t.co/A36D0oXaND

— Josh Kohnert (@JoshKohnert) January 3, 2018

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