So, what’s it like to be a CMO of a marketing-focused business?

The CMO role and marketing’s revenue influence have never been greater. There’s a seemingly endless number of ways to engage with prospects, customers and stakeholders, an abundance of data at our fingertips, and ever-improving technology to make us smarter and faster. It’s an exciting time to be a marketing leader.

But what if you’re a CMO of a company whose target audiences are marketers — leaders and practitioners who know your craft? With the parallel role you have, the expectations and scrutiny rise to another level. It’s like you’re in a fishbowl and everybody is looking at what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, what strategies you’re using and the tactics you’re deploying. Fun!

While I’m writing this in the context of a CMO serving other marketers, the same is true anytime your role is similar to those of your target customers. Here are a few ways I’ve learned to turn this unique position into an advantage for you, your prospects and customers.

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