Persado now generates emotionally-targeted marketing messages for individuals

Persado is the kind of tool that can make copywriters and other creatives nervous.

Founded in 2012, it employs artificial intelligence to generate emotionally-targeted marketing text for emails, snail mail, Facebook newsfeed ads, landing pages, display ads, and even messages on receipts from checkout counters in stores. It’s not too difficult to imagine a time when most or all marketing text is written this way.

This week, the New York City-based company is giving a finer tip to its virtual pen. It is launching Persado One, which allows the text to be generated for individual users. Previously, the company’s system created text personalized for a given segment of users, like regular credit card users who might be interested in gold cards.

CEO Alex Vratskides told me that Persado is the only company that offers this kind of personalized emotional engagement at scale.

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