Marketing Day: Google ad measurements, link warnings & StepsAway

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.

From Marketing Land:

Micro-wins: The true secret to AdWords success
May 26, 2017 by Jacob Baadsgaard

The PPC world is rife with stories of quick wins, hacks and tricks that lead to big gains in paid search performance — but columnist Jacob Baadsgaard notes that the best results with AdWords accounts are often the result of many smaller wins over time.

New Quality Score metrics: What matters most, and how to improve your ads
May 26, 2017 by Kevin Lee

Looking for ways to gain an advantage in paid search? Columnist Kevin Lee has some ideas to increase Quality Score metrics and surpass your competitors.

StepsAway launches in-store, WiFi-based marketing for retailers
May 26, 2017 by Greg Sterling

Approach offers personalized offers without app-install requirement.

How to compare paid search and organic search without sounding foolish
May 26, 2017 by Andy Taylor

Which search channel is better: paid or organic? Columnist Andy Taylor argues that there is no simple answer to this question, despite what some practitioners may want to believe.

Knoema offers a chatbot interface for its data search engine
May 26, 2017 by Barry Levine

Called Yodatai, she’s the latest attempt to make data accessible through conversation.

Google launches ads measurement system for cross-device campaigns on YouTube, DoubleClick, GDN
May 26, 2017 by Ginny Marvin

The Ads Data Hub is designed to give marketers impression-level insights for campaigns served across multiple devices.

Google warns authors, publications against misusing links in syndicated articles & posts
May 26, 2017 by Danny Sullivan

If the primary purpose of distributing content is to gain links, both authors and publishers risk a Google penalty.

Why some ad tech vets have doubts about Havas’ new transparency platform
May 26, 2017 by Barry Levine

As the transparency bandwagon gains speed, some are wondering if the added info is useful, if it takes publishers into account or if it changes anything.

How to create remarkable offers and increase your conversion rate
May 26, 2017 by Seth Price

From learning about your audience to selling your offer, contributor Seth Price walks you through key steps that will help you maximize your conversion rate.

What a 32-step journey to a Bruno Mars album can teach marketers and tech companies
May 26, 2017 by Blaise Lucey

Columnist and Bitly senior content strategist Blaise Lucey recounts a circuitous user journey and discusses the lessons that marketers can learn from it.

Looking for a marketing automation platform? This guide takes the guesswork out.
May 25, 2017 by Digital Marketing Depot

All new for 2017, MarTech Today’s B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide is the source for the latest trends, opportunities and challenges facing the market for marketing automation tools. This 44-page report includes: profiles of 14 leading vendors pricing charts and capabilities comparisons recommended steps for evaluating If you’re considering a marketing automation platform, […]

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