Marketers, here are some blockchain terms you might want to know

Perhaps you’ve just recently gotten your head around new terms like “header bidding,” “machine learning” or “growth hacking.”

Well, time to unwrap your head once again. Because an ecosystem built around blockchain technology is coming to marketing, search and advertising, and new ecosystems bring new vocabularies.

Best known as the tech infrastructure behind the cryptocurrency bitcoin, blockchain tech is now becoming the foundation for a variety of other uses.

Essentially, it’s a shared, permanent ledger in which all transactional steps are immediately recorded for everyone in the blockchain to view. It makes possible several new kinds of applications, such as smart contracts, and it can facilitate a variety of decentralized communities, reward systems or transactional networks.

To help get a sense of this new blockscape (OK, that’s just a word I invented), I spoke with Alanna Gombert. Until recently, she was the General Manager of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Tech Lab, and now she’s Global CRO for MetaX, which is building blockchain-based protocols and applications for advertising.

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