Madison Logic becomes bidirectional with marketing automation by integrating with Marketo

New York City-based Madison Logic tracks “intent signals” from corporate users — as well as technographics, cross-device IDs and marketers’ first-party data — and then uses those signals for the targeting of ads or content to their interests.

For instance, two people from the same company may download a white paper about a new kind of cloud-based content management system from a website in Madison Logic’s consortium. Those users are tagged with a cookie, or their mobile device ID is recorded.

Madison Logic can then deliver ads to either of those people when they show up on another participating website, or they can help target custom content from a website. The idea is to target ads, content or emails to corporate execs based on what their company has been actively researching.

Today, Madison Logic is launching the first integration for its ActivateABM account-based platform with a marketing automation platform, Marketo’s Engagement Platform, the two companies told us exclusively.

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